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I am a lifelong Republican. I grew up in Enid, Oklahoma, in the NW part of the state. In the 50’s and 60’s, that was the only Republican part of Oklahoma. My parents’ attorney lived down the street; he was one of the few Republican state senators. Our Republican congressman was the grandfather of one of my grade school classmates. When I arrived in Washington, D.C., on New Year’s Eve Day 1972 to accept an appointment as a Foreign Service Officer for the United States, the only person I knew in DC was my Republican congressman, who was also my banker. The last year I was in DC, 1979, I was a legislative aide for Republican Congressman Tom Loeffler, who represented Kerrville and parts West. After relocating to Texas in 1980, first in Dallas for 12 years and then in Kerrvile since 1992, I have remained active in the Republican party, serving in elected and appointed offices and wearing out my share of shoe leather block walking, etc.

However, I am not a Republican based on heritage. I made, and make, a conscious choice to embrace the basic Republican principles – limited government, individual responsibility, equal opportunity based on merit and effort, strong family values, fiscal responsibility, constitutional government, and federalism. I believe that to much of the world the United States is still that shining city upon a hill envisioned by Ronald Reagan. It just has gotten tarnished and needs polishing.

Through this blog I will share my experiences, thoughts and impressions from the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. My dream is for this to be a conversation instead of a monologue. I invite you to join in the adventure.


Fred Henneke

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