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Final RNC Musings; 07/27/2016

First of all, it was an eye-opening experience and I am very grateful for having had the opportunity. I loved being a member of the Mighty Texas Delegation, it was exciting to be in the arena, especially when I was able to be on the floor as a delegate, and I loved talking to delegates from other States. One delegate from South Carolina was pushing an idea that would require a prospective voter to pass a test on government, etc., before receiving a voter registration card! How would that work?

As I have written previously, I estimate that one-third to one-half of the delegates were committed to Donald Trump as the best possible candidate for our nomination. And the Convention per se did little to change that. Many of the speakers were obscure, albeit successful, businessmen or women or minor professional athletes that added little to enhance Mr. Trump as the nominee. Many of the others devoted their time to repetitious sledgehammer recitations of Hillary’s failings, which we all know..I myself would have preferred more positive messages as to how Mr. Trump is going to address the issue facing the USA and start us moving forward in the right direction.

However, by the time of the adjournment, the conviction of 90+% of the delegates was the need to unite behind the Party’s nominee and win in November.  The prevailing sentiment at the Convention – in the Arena, in the buses, at meals, at receptions and (more importantly) in the bars, was antipathy towards Hillary Clinton and the unswerving conviction that America cannot survive another 4-8 years of the Obama, big government philosophy trending towards socialism. In particular, the specter of  Hillary Clinton, should she serve 2 terms, nominating FIVE Supreme Court justices, was absolutely unacceptable.

On this date, it does not appear that either candidate has a clear path to victory. Hillary Clinton’s coronation has been tarnished, if not derailed, by more email scandals and unshakable support for Bernie Sanders from many of his most ardent supporters.  In the latest polls I see (for what they are worth at this stage of the campaign), 70% of the voters find HC untrustworthy and 56% disapprove of her. She has been on the public stage since the early 1990’s and, quite frankly, many people are tired of her act. Plus, historically, it is very unusual for one political party to hold the presidency more that 8 consecutive years.

Likewise, Mr. Trump has negatives that make his victory uncertain. 64% of the voters disapprove of him. He has not received the unqualified, or even tacit, support of his 2 closest rivals. He is leagues behind in the organization and fundraising that is de rigor for successful traditional campaigns. So far, Mr. Trump has not demonstrated any ability, or desire, to deliver thoughtful, well-conceived messages in lieu of off-the-cuff bombshell sound bites.

The contest may well boil down to whether Hillary can make herself likable to the independents and undecideds or whether Trump can demonstrate and give serious, thoughtful proposals that address what must be done to get America moving again.Time will tell.

Finally, is this the best America can offer for us to choose who will occupy the most powerful office in the World?  To quote the immortal Casey Stengel, “Can’t anyone here play this game?” Where are the statesmen; where are the leaders willing and determined to do what is RIGHT for the American people despite the political consequences? Are there no Ronald Reagans,Harry Trumans, Scoop Jacksons, George H.W. Bushes, Thomas Jeffersons, Abraham Lincolns left in our body politic?

Please, study the candidates and their positions on issues that impact you and all of us. And not just the presidential candidates but candidates up and down the ballot. Study, learn, choose and VOTE.

I intend to put forth my ideas and impressions on politics and other topics of interest from time to time. I hope you will continue to join in the conversation.

Stay Tuned!!

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Protestors; 07/25/2016

Simply, the protestors had no impact or even presence at the RNC. Security was awesome; omnipresent, effective but not oppressive.  Once the buses we took from the hotel to the Arena had to take a different route because of a protest near the Arena. Otherwise, nothing. If you were walking near the permitted protest zones, you… Continue Reading

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Day Five; 07/21/2017

Well, it is all over, including the shouting. This report is going to be a bit attenuated because it is 12;30 am and I have to catch a cab to the airport at 6:00 am, plus finish packing. I already reported on Senator Cruz’ appearance at this morning’s briefing – see Blood Feud Redux. In… Continue Reading

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Day Four; 07/20/2016

As always, the day began with the delegation briefing. Our first speaker was Ambassador John Bolton, US Ambassador to the UN under President George W. Bush. Ambassador Bolton detailed how America’s national security has been weakened and jeopardized during the Obama presidency. Next was Frank Luntz, the pollster. In his opinion, the election is not… Continue Reading

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Blood Feud Redux; 07/21/2106

Prior to last night, Senator Cruz was scheduled to address the Texas delegation this morning. And he did, unrepentantly. He started his remarks with the old Chinese curse “May you live in interesting times!”. We do. Sen. Cruz said he got into politics because he believed in something, the Constitution. He swore an oath to… Continue Reading

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Blood Feud; 07/19/2016

The bad blood between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz burst into public at the evening session of the Republican National Convention today. First a little background: Initially, Cruz and Trump appeared to be tacitly cooperating. Each refrained from attacking the other on the campaign trail as the other candidates went after Trump and he after… Continue Reading

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Day Three; 07/19/2017

As always, the day began at 8:00 with the Texas delegation briefing. I really look forward to those briefings. Texas has the most Republican members of the House of Representatives, including 7 Committee Chairs. With that clout, we get some very interesting speakers. We heard from: * Congressman Michael McCaul, Chrmn of the Homeland Security… Continue Reading

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Day Two, Part Two

Having slept, I want to complete my blog about yesterday’s session. First of all, I do not agree with the media position that the fight over the Rules was a major split in the party. NO;I was asked by a Fox Reporter during the evening session about the mood on the floor after the floor… Continue Reading

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Day Two; 07/18/2016

It is nearly midnight and this has been, and will be, our busiest day. I am going to touch on the highlights and comment further later. At the briefing this morning, we had three speakers and reports from our representatives on the Convention committees. In addition, Governor Abbott called in from his hospital room where… Continue Reading

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Day Before; 07-17-2016

As people pour into Cleveland and the hotel, the atmosphere is more electric and the excitement level has skyrocketed. Everyone realizes the real work starts tomorrow. Today started with church at The Old Stone Church, est. 1820, then the world premier of a new Dienes O’souza film entitled Hillary 2016, ostensibly the history of the… Continue Reading

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