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YAWN; 08/28/2016

It appears to this observer that what we are seeing on the campaign trail are volleying salvos of mud-slinging and accusations of wrongdoing or unworthiness slightly changed from what was unleashed yesterday. Hillary is untrustworthy and has poor judgment; Trump has no government experience and has proven himself by his loose accusations to be unqualified to be the leader of the Free World.

SO WHAT? It’s not like either of them is going to wake up one morning and bow out because of the thunderbolts hurled in their direction. The winner is likely to be the first one that actually sheds some light on the serious problems facing the United States and offers some rational, doable solutions. Stop shouting, stop tweeting and talk to us. Don’t hide behind canned events and surrogates. If they devoted half as much time and money to actually connecting with the American people as they do on opposition research and obscure failings, they might learn something. We are in dire straits and need principled, courageous leadership to get us going again. ¬† At this point in time, neither is offering that.

This past week Hillary took to the old “divide and conquer” road with accusations of racism, etc. Trump is trying, with limited success, to rein in his natural inclination to demonize and strike back hard at anyone that publicly denigrates him, which includes disagreeing. As a result, little has changed except the American people are tuning out more and more. The candidates are talking – no, shouting – at their respective “bases” and ignoring the independents and non-true believers that will decide this election. One hopes that they come back before the voting starts.


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Dog Days; 08/23/2016

These are known as the ‘dog days of summer’, I think because the weather makes a dog even uncomfortable. From steamy, real hot days to monsoons and back again. But, love the rain. Hillary is staying out of view while raking in mega-bucks from the rich in Beverly Hills, Hollywood, etc. She never met a… Continue Reading

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Commentary; 08/15/2016

DISCLAIMER: it is only August. Traditionally, a presidential campaign does not start until after Labor Day. Obviously, this is not a traditional year. However, it is a truism that the majority of the voters don’t start paying real attention until October at the earliest. SO, take anything you hear or see this early with a… Continue Reading

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Evan Who?; 08/10/2016

Backed apparently by the group Better for America, Evan McMullin has jumped into the kiddie pool of this year’s presidential campaign. McMullin is a former CIA official and, most recently, employed by the House Republican Conference in policy development. ¬†Outside of his immediate family and close friends, he is largely unknown. The Better for America… Continue Reading

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Status Report; 08/07/2016

I have been following presidential campaigns closely since 1968 and I have never witnessed one as dis-functional as this one. Both candidates seem allergic to sustained success; when things start to go well for either of them, they shoot themselves in the foot!! Trump is incapable of restraining himself from lashing out at anyone whom… Continue Reading

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Post DNC Musings; 08/01/2016

The DNC had its controversies – the emails revealing the favoritism by the Democratic National Committee towards Hillary Clinton and the continued refusal by some Sanders’ support to get behind their nominee – as did the RNC – the Rules votes and Cruz’ speech. On balance,I would suggest the DNC stumbles will linger longer and… Continue Reading

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