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DEBATE NO. 1 SCORECARD; 09/28/2016

My pre-debate prediction was Trump in a split decision. I meant to say Hillary. Here’s how I saw it.


Whoever agreed to that split-screen from Trump’s camp should be boiled in oil and then shot. There was no way that he could control his natural instinct to respond vigorously for that long under that level of attack. His facial expressions, gestures, discomfort with the mike, etc., distracted from and undercut his presentation. The longer the debate went on, the more agitated he got and the more bemused Hillary became at Trump’s obvious agitation. Hillary, on the other hand, managed to stay under control and play to the TV audience rather than take notice of her opponent. ADVANTAGE -Hillary.


Donald dominated the discussion on trade issues and also was very strong and forceful on national security and job creation. Hillary did better on race relations and women’s issues. She had more nuanced policy proposals but Trump’s following is not based on wonkishness; no one expected Donald to have a 14 point plan for whatever. ADVANTAGE: Even


Donald started out well, dominating the trade discussion, but let Hillary get to him and he lost his focus. His body language betrayed his discomfort on being on stage with her. The constant interruptions and talking over her and the moderator did not serve him well. She, on the other hand, came across as poised and prepared, at times appearing “canned”. ADVANTAGE: Hillary


Clearly, Hillary was more prepared for this type of debate than Trump. But, she has steeped herself in these types of issues for 30+ years while Trump has been running a high-profile construction business. The issue, though, was not who could pronounce detailed plans or solutions but who managed to engage the audience and advance their campaign. By letting Trump be Trump, Trump managed to reinforce the attributes that gave him the nomination – newness, forceful leadership, confidence.His performance was not polished but effective for his supporters. ADVANTAGE:  Even


Donald left a lot of potential issues unfavorable to Hillary on the table – Benghazi, the Clinton foundation,speeches to Wall Street for large sums. I feel confident he was prepped for those issues but never found a way to get them into the conversation. His inexperience in this form of political jousting was apparent. He has a large up-side for the next 2 debates. Hillary set out to get under Trump’s skin and ultimately did so.She had her attack lines firmly in mind as well as several “canned” lines. Neither candidate scored a knockout; Trump won by being on the stage with Hillary and remaining standing at the end. Hillary won by demonstrating the clear differences between the candidates. Both played to their respective bases, hoping to hold onto their core while creating some positive movement among the undecideds. We will know the result on November 8.




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DEBATE MANIA; 09/26/2016

From all the hype of tonight’s debate, you might expect one, or both, of the candidates to enter walking across water! Here is how I handicap the debate: Trump will win if: 1.  He pounds on the theme that the Obama/Clinton legacy of failed leadership has damaged America both domestically and abroad, and what is… Continue Reading

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CRUZ RECANTS; 09/26/2016

On September 23, 2016, Senator Ted Cruz announced that he would indeed support Donald Trump for President, reversing the position the Senator took at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in July. At the Convention, Cruz did not honor his pledge to support the Republican nominee for President. Rather, he urged his supporters to “vote… Continue Reading

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DEAD HEAT; 09/20/2016

Looking at the polling picture as a whole, including the national polls and the battleground polls, the contest between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump couldn’t be any closer unless they were running on the same ticket. There is still a long way to go, ground that is strewn with what ifs, maybes, contingencies, and just… Continue Reading

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“The Race is On and it Looks Like Heartache”; 09/14/2016n

To steal from an old country and western song, “The race is on … and the winner looses all.” It seems like neither candidate can stand success. Hillary characterizes 50% of Trump supporters -my friends, extrapolating to the general election, that’s about 30+ MILLION Americans -as belonging in the “basket of deplorables”. Are you kidding… Continue Reading

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There is no conventional wisdom except that there is no conventional wisdom. A reputable poll has come out with Hillary holding a one point lead over Trump – IN TEXAS!!!  In the state with the largest and most dominant Republican party in the US, the Democrat is leading the Republican candidate for President. No Democrat… Continue Reading

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THEY’RE OFF; 09/04/2016

The horses are in the starting gate and THEY”RE OFF. Traditionally, Labor Day has been the “official” start of the presidential campaign. This year, I think the 2 front runners may be rounding the first turn on Labor Day. In the last week or so, the polls show the race tightening. However, the tightening is… Continue Reading

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