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HOME STRETCH; 10/24/2016

Election Day is two weeks from tomorrow and, as usual, the outcome is cloudy, at best. My personal feeling is that the electorate, despite all the polls, is very volatile and could turn on a dime. Right now, all but 3 of the major 31 polls have Hillary anywhere from 5-11 points ahead; most of the “battleground”states are very close. I believe that there are lots of voters who truly do not know for a certainty how they will vote when they enter into that voting booth and stare at the ballot. There are others who are so put off, or confused, by the campaigns that they may not vote at all.

Regardless of the ultimate outcome, we will be stuck with the most flawed winner in the history of our great Nation Each campaign has gone to great lengths as the linchpin of their respective campaigns to demean and diminish their opponent. Yes, each side has put forth elaborate positions solving the country’s ills, but how many of us have heard anything of substance, or at all, about those critical issues? ¬†Pointing out character flaws and past mis-deeds has replaced substance and sincerity as the driving force of each campaign.

Whether challenged by Civil War, Great Depression or World War, America has heretofor survived and moved forward. The next four years may present us with our greatest challenge. Where are the leaders that will take us through this troubling time into a new era of peace and prosperity?


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DISMAY; 10/13/2016

I am .one of the legions that do not trust the Clintons, including Hillary. ¬†They will parse words to avoid telling the absolute truth in an effort to make themselves look better – “It all depends upon what the definition of Is, Is”. The conceal their disdain for ordinary people that do not curry favor… Continue Reading

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TRUMP’S TAXES; 10/03/2016

The fact that Trump refuses to release his income tax returns rightfully raises issues about what he might be hiding -a smaller net worth than he has stated, less income, relatively small charitable deductions etc. An irrelevant issue is whether or not he paid income taxes at all. Assuming that his income taxes were prepared… Continue Reading

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