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TAKE A CHILL PILL; 11/23/2016

Let’s all take a deep breath and remember that we are all AMERICANS, who come in all shapes, sizes, skin tones, sexual preferences, and ideologies. And that is, in part, what makes America great.

It was, indeed, one of the more remarkable elections of our Nation’s history, and one of the most contentious. Unlike many others, it was not fought out on positions and policies but personalities. Large portions of the electorate did not vote FOR a candidate but AGAINST the other candidate. And, for the second time this young century, the President-elect did not win the popular vote.

To the mostly young people who are demonstrating against President-Elect Trump, saying he is not MY president, let me remind you that there is only THE president of ALL Americans. Instead of demonstrating, it would have been more effective for you to actually register and VOTE.  We know you are disappointed and upset that Hillary (or Bernie) did not win, but it is time to chill and get involved to promote your causes. PARTICIPATE, don’t DEMONSTRATE.

To the mostly mainstream media that are beating the drums predicting dire, apocalyptic consequences based on Mr. Trump’s rhetoric during the campaign, actually LISTEN to what he is saying now that he is President-Elect and give him a chance to grow into the Office.Your black, ominous doomsday stories are not helping anything, and are based on pure speculation. Yes, some of his early appointees appear to be well outside the mainstream of American values, but they are still unproven as to their actual deeds. At least let him assume the Office before you write him and his administration off.

Finally, to the fringe elements like the American Nazis/White Nationalists that are exulting as if Mr. Trump was one of them and/or participating in, even encouraging, the violence at the demonstrations across the land, crawl back under the rocks you came from. To the media – PLEASE, please don’t cover these vermin. They are pathetic, not newsworthy.

The people have spoken through Electoral College, the system in place since 1789, a system that produced Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, JFK and Ronald Reagan as well as some that did not perform at that level. Still, the Republic survives and has managed to move forward through the ages.

Let’s all become more engaged, more passionate and more conscious of our responsibilities as citizens. Remember – the world is run by those that show up!



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MEA CULPA; 11/13/2016

Well, I guess I qualify as a pundit now since I, like most commentators, called the election wrong. I just wish I was being paid like the others! Actually, I had three predictions: 1. The popular vote would be close, and it was. Some 600,000 difference out of 120 million votes cast. 2.  The electoral… Continue Reading

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It is, in truth, a binary decision. Someone will win; someone will lose. Unfortunately, there is not a “None of the above” or “Do Over” option.  After the dirtiest, nastiest, least uplifting or informative campaign in recent memory, if not in our nation’s history. a choice must be made. And the choice is between two… Continue Reading

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IT’S UP TO US; 11/03/2016

In five days, we will know who will be our next President. In these remaining days before the votes are all cast and counted, both major candidates continue to paint dark and ominous visions of their opponent. There is not, and has not been, anything uplifting or positive about this campaign. I have been following,… Continue Reading

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