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A Very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!

What we have in the political arena now is simply a lot of noise, unfounded speculation and fearful angst arising from the outcome of the presidential election. At this glorious time of year it behooves us all to step back, take deep breathes, and remember the true meaning of this Season.As thing progress towards the inauguration of President-elect Trump, much of the fog and hand-wringing will (hopefully) dissipate and we can deal with actual situations and issues. Until then, as Tiny Tim reminds us,

“God Bless Us One and All!”


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The news today is full of the CIA (unreleased) conclusion that the Russians not only hacked into the DNC and RNC but engaged in “misinformation”, commonly known as “lies”,  in an effort to influence the election in favor of Mr. Trump. Mr. Trump strongly and vigorously disputes their conclusion. Some commentators are trying to link that… Continue Reading

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INTERMISSION: 12/09/2016

Mercifully, merrily, the approaching Holiday Season is pushing at least some of the hand-wringing about President-elect Trump’s  developing administration onto the back pages of the news. Most Americans (except the political junkies like yours truly) are very happy to concern themselves with Christmas – the parties, the decorations, the presents, and, most of all, the… Continue Reading

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