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HOME RUN NO. 2; 02/21/2017

President Trump named Lt. General McMasters to succeed General FLynn as the National Security Adviser. General McMasters is a highly decorated – Silver Star for bravery in Iraq – career soldier who is well-respected on both sides of the aisle on Capitol Hill and in the military. He is renowned for being a straight shooter and one who thinks out of the box. He should sail through his confirmation hearings and vote; because he is still on active duty, his rank requires that he be confirmed by the Senate.

The only concern is his lack of broader international relations experience. He has proven himself to be a superb military thinker and leader; can he translate those attributes into the general international relations arena? Can he prove to be an neutral mediator and organizer of the competing interests between State, DOD, CIA, etc, a la General Brent Scowcroft or General Colin Powell? My bet is YES. My further bet is that he will not brook any attempts at undue influence or domination from within the White House staff.

Nice work, President Trump.


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Not surprising, General Flynn was the first of President Trump’s close advisers to take a fall (See Preliminary Assessments). President Trump blames his dismissal on “leaks from intelligence to media”; the official explanation is “loss of trust”. ┬áRoutine legal telephone intercepts on Russian diplomats, including the Russian ambassador, capture General Flynn speaking to the Russian… Continue Reading

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THREAT BOARD; 02/13/2017

This blog will not be “all things political”. From time to time, I will branch out into other items of interest and, often, concern. I proudly served as a Foreign Service Officer for eight years. I also received a Master’s Degree in History, focusing on American diplomatic history. Accordingly, I follow foreign affairs closely. Here’s… Continue Reading

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THE JUDICIARY; 02/09/2017

Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson (I believe) once said “We are not final because we are infallible; we are infallible because we are final”. When the Supreme Court ordered President Richard Nixon to turn over the Oval Office tapes, there was a lot of concerned speculation over what would happen if the President simply refused… Continue Reading

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MUSINGS; 02/07

MUSINGS; 02/07

After minimal attention to the Executive Order placing some restrictions on immigration. I come down on the side of the President. The Executive Branch – i.e., the President – clearly has exclusive jurisdiction over immigration. It is a purely Federal concern as laid out in the Constitution. Whether the Federal government properly exercises that authority… Continue Reading

HOME RUN; 02/02/2017

Last night President Trump announced that Judge Neil Gorsuch was being nominated to fill the position on the United States Supreme Court formerly held by the late Justice Antonion Scalia. That nomination is, of course, subject to the affirmative “advice and consent” by the United States Senate. From all I can read and discern, Judge… Continue Reading