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RUDDERLESS; 03/30/2017

I live on a small lake in the Texas Hill Country. I have a paddle boat that I use to take my amazing grandsons out on the lake. When the paddle boat is not in the water, I take the rudder off and stow it in the boat’s compartment. Sometimes guests using the paddle boat when I am not there don’t attach the rudder. Without the rudder, they can paddle as hard as they can and aim in a specific direction only to go round and round in circles, never getting closer to their objective.

That perfectly describes the current situation in Washington, DC.

The House Republicans, in order to mollify their energized base by fulfilling 6 or 7 years of campaign promises (that they knew were unrealistic as long as President Obama had a veto pen) and a major campaign promise of President Trump, rushed to bring to the floor in 17 days a “repeal and replace” bill that their own caucus could not unite behind. President Trump and the White House were, from all appearances, not leading, or even involved, in this crafting of this bill; the President, post debacle, even said that tax reform, not repeal and replace, was his first priority. After the vote was cancelled the second time, the President said he was going to let Obamacare crater on its own and move on to tax reform.   (See “And the Big “Loser Is” post from 03-27- 2017).

Not so fast, says Speaker Ryan. We are going to resurrect and change repeal and replace NOW instead of moving on to tax reform. Whose agenda is being honored?

Another major campaign promise of both the House Republicans and the President was to “Build a Wall”.The President’s “skinny” budget called for several billions of dollars for construction of the wall. Senate Republicans, recognizing the budget realities, responded with “Not this year (2018). Maybe next year.”

And the attempt to enact restrictions on refugees from 6 predominantly Muslim countries by Executive Order remains tied up in the courts.

Fortunately, all is not gloom and doom.  By Executive Order and legislation, many of the more onerous Obama Executive Orders and regulations put into effect during his administration are being rolled back. The low-hanging fruit is being picked rapidly.

So, the House Republicans and the White House are in the paddle boat, paddling madly and creating waves but not making substantial progress towards the promised land. And the loyal opposition, the Democrats, sit on the bank and laugh.

Look for the rudder, Paul.


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AND THE BIG LOSER IS?; 03/26/2017

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.  A good Speaker completely controls the flow of the House of Representatives. Since the Speaker represents the majority party. he, or she, decides what comes to the floor for vote, when it comes, and, in conjunction with the Chair of the Rules Committee, under what constrictions. Speaker Ryan, in… Continue Reading

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Tomorrow is scheduled an event that the Republican members of the House pray never takes place – a vote on the Affordable Health Care Act, aka Ryancare. Somehow they hope to find a safe passage between Scylla and Charybdis.  If they vote No, President Trump has all but guaranteed them an opponent in the 2018… Continue Reading

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President Trump is famous, or infamous, for his early morning tweets based on, among other possible sources, the latest Fox News segment, or the newest posting. None of these blasts appear to have been vetted with reliable sources within or without of the government. It is the sensational claim that feeds the President’s ego… Continue Reading

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In my humble opinion President Obama’s greatest mistake was declaring a “red line”against the use of chemical weapons by Bashar al Assad’s Syrian forces, which included an implicit promise to take effective military action against Assad if he dared to cross that line. I believe Obama did not dream that a civilized leader would actually… Continue Reading

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A dark, foreboding Inaugural Address; a petulant decision to boycott the White House Correspondent’s Dinner, the first president to not attend since Herbert Hoover; continued pre-occupation on his stunning defeat of Hillary Clinton; a denigrating attack on the judiciary over the adverse ruling on his ill-conceived, amateurish Executive Order limiting refugees and immigrants; reported anger… Continue Reading

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