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THIS AND THAT: 06/30/17

Running down the list of current interests:

  1. Emolluments – no, it is not an ointment you put on a rash. The receipt of same was prohibited by the Constitution. At that time, the authors were concerned about foreign governments, especially the British and French, showering, gifts, money and/or titles on our elected or appointed officials in a effort to influence the President, etc. We must remember that our republic was an entirely new form of government and there was serious concern over whether it would succeed or even last 20 years. So, they included a ban on the obvious forms of influencing the leaders of this new republic. To the best of my knowledge, there was never an action brought based upon this Constitution ban, until now. There are 3 suits pending against President Trump, claiming that revenue from his pre-existing commercial ventures from foreign governments violates this arcane clause. Each of the suits is brought  by opponents of the President, including 200 Democrat members of Congress, Are these suits politically, or idealistically motivated? My bet is on the former. Perhaps by the end of the President’s first term we will have a pronouncement from the Supremes.
  2. Health Care – the real issue is “Who gets stuck with this tar baby?”  Until recently, it clearly belonged to the Democrats”  as the midwife of the failing system known as Obamacare. Because of seven years of promises to “repeal and replace Obamacare”, the Republicans wrested the Tar Baby from the Democrats and are now firmly stuck in it. To quote a recent pronouncement from on high, “It is really complicated.” Not only did the Republicans take ownership of the health care briar patch, they took their cue from the Democrats and attempted to push through their version with no input from the opponents. In 2010 we could say to the Democrats “You broke it, you own it”. Now the shoe is on the other foot. Is the political climate really so toxic now that even conversations with a known member of the opposing party are grounds for removal? It should be the opposite!
  3. Travel Ban -I previously opined on this topic, and I am gratified to see that the Supremes agree with me, at least as far as the Oracles have spoken. The President constitutionally has the lead on immigration and foreign affairs. Courts since the inception have recognized his (or her, some day) supremacy in those areas. To find that campaign rhetoric forms a legitimate basis for the Ninth Circuit opinions is ludicrous.
  4. Russia and Our Elections – it bears repeating that there is no legitimate doubt that the Russian government intentionally attempted to interfere in our election. That is where the focus of attention must be. Is it a legitimate exercise to be investigating whether or not the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians? Yes, but only as an important adjunct to the main concern. To date there is NO, REPEAT NO, evidence of any collusion.
  5. Rhetoric – the Trump-hating media are taking speculation and wordsmithing to new heighhts in order to demonstrate their intense disdain and hatred for President Trump. The Trump-supporting media, in turn, are largely ignoring or downplaying significant concerns about the operation of this Administration. At a time when our Nation needs its elected leaders to come together in order to craft solutions to serious problems and move the country forward, what we get is “in yo face” schoolyard bromides that only serve to dig a deeper political sinkhole. What is the first thing you do when you find yourself in a hole? STOP DIGGING!! Come on, Members of Congress, DO THE IMPORTANT WORK YOU WERE ELECTED TO DO. And I don’t mean, ensure your re-election.
  6. Term Limits – see above. Need I say More?

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY. The strength and beauty of our great Nation lies not in Washington, DC but in our local celebrations of our freedoms.Get out and shoot off or watch some fireworks, eat a hot dog, and wave our flag..


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