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I an sincerely confused about the Democrats’ immigration position.

  1. ¬†They are very pro-DACA, wanting legal status and a pathway to citizenship for the 7-800,000 young people who signed up for the DACA program. They are unhappy with President Trump for ending the DACA program last October, even though he has suspended any action against the Dreamers until March The delay was intended to give Congress an opportunity to enact a legislative solution. The President has now proposed expanding the solution to about 1.8 million youngsters, taking in those who enrolled in DACA and those who could have but didn’t, including a pathway to citizenship. More than the Democrats wanted. Of course, in the art of the deal, the President wants something in return, which the Democrats have refused. So, do they want to help the Dreamers or not? The President wants funding for his Wall as part of an over-all border security initiative. He has stated that the physical wall may not be possible or effective in certain areas. The Democrats appear to focus only on the physical Wall. What do the Democrats want?
  2. The President wants to end “chain immigration”. Currently, US immigration policy is based in family reunification, which allows a legal immigrant to petition for the members of his or her extended family to join them. The President wants to change the policy to permit the legal immigrant to petition only for his or her nuclear family. He also wants to reduce the number of immigrants permitted into the United States based on a familial status, and shift those visas to persons with more marketable or critical skills. The Democrats oppose these changes, but what do they want instead?
  3. The President wants to end the lottery, which allows unused visas to be spread out among certain poor countries on a pure lottery system. The Democrats oppose this, but with  no alternative offered.

Everyone accepts the premise that our current immigration system is broken. I knew that in the mid-1970s when I was a visa officer in South Korea. I understand the President’s proposal for reform, which is not uniformly praised by Republicans. Some Republicans state that the Democrats want a totally open border; I do not believe there is a responsible Democrat alive with that goal. But, what do they want; how would they reform a broken system?

I sincerely request that any card-carrying Democrat in good standing out there provide me with their program for reform. Maybe we can start a dialogue – what a radical notion.


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