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A BROKEN SYSTEM; 06/21/2018

“A house divided against itself cannot stand”. A. Lincoln

The system is not just broken, it is SHATTERED. To what do I refer, you say? Perhaps the immigration system? Good guess, but no cigar.


A balkanized system consisting of 535 charlatans intent only on perpetuating their own, unique status as a member of Congress. Leaderless, rudderless, impotent. Moses incarnate couldn’t lead this ragtag collection of do-nothings to the Promised Land, or even across the street. If there was a phone booth large enough to hold then all, they would perish for the inability to find their way out. Self-important, insistent that they, and they alone (well,maybe with a handful of their buddies) have the solution and, by God, it is their way or the highway. Half a loaf is starvation because they will not accept the half loaf. They would rather watch the people they allegedly represent starve than compromise. Jefferson, Madison, Washington, etc. are spinning so fast in their graves that they could generate enough juice to light Africa The public weal? Are you kidding me – someone would not agree. The key to holding on to their position of power and glory is (whisper) don’t do anything while acting busy.

Now to immigration. Everyone in Washington, from Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell down to the most lowly shoe shine stand operator, knows our immigration system is broken and has been for decade. No one argues against effective border security; so why isn’t anything done to secure our southern border. Need a clue – (whisper) it might give those bad guys over there an issue to use against ME. We have been telling them for years that, by all that is holy, we are going to __________ [fill in the blank] knowing full well we didn’t have the legislative power (or will) to do so. But, so what. They swallowed the kool-aid and we went back to our power and status in DC year after year. BAAA. And, should the worm somehow turn, or we get tired of the game, we can bow out, collect our generous pension, and sell our services as a lobbyist working against the very people we purported to represent. What a system!

How do we, the afflicted, change the system back to its intended purpose? VOTE. Vote with intention; vote for the candidate that truly is dedicated to doing the people’s work. Someone who realizes that solutions are seldom 100%, but 80% of a solution is better than 0%. Someone who will talk plainly and truthfully. A candidate with INTEGRITY.

See you at the polls.


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SUMMIT 2.0 POST-MORTEM; 06/12/2018

I give it a B+, maybe even an A-  True, there was no stone tablet moment as most of the Democrats apparently expected. By the same token, no one walked out and there were no post-summit thunderbolts hurled from the twitter account of Donald J. Trump. It is a start. Even the longest journey begins… Continue Reading

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SUMMIT 2.0; 06/10/2018

President Donald J. Trump and Dictator Kim Jung Un are scheduled to meet in Singapore on June 12th and discuss, what? De-nuclearization; recognition as sovereign nations; unifying the Korean Peninsula; withdrawal of US troops from South Korea; the respective sizes of the nuclear buttons; North Korea again ratifying or acknowledging the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty; international… Continue Reading

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