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REALITY; 07/30/2018

For the last eleven days I have been touring the East Coast from Rockledge on the eastern Florida coast to Charleston. Beautiful scenery full of history. For eleven days, no TV and only one newspaper. For a self proclaimed news and politics junkie, that was a real struggle. But, in doing so, I re-discovered LIFE. We spent several days with friends who, in previous lives, were deep in the government in Washington. But, no discussion of the latest tweet or what Cohen might do or the status of Mueller’s investigation. The conversation centered around renovations, kids, old times and friends, sightseeing, etc. In other words, Real Life!

This is not to say that news and politics are not important. They certainly are, and I truly wish more people would pay attention to them. Perhaps, not to the degree I tend to do, but enough to have a passing knowledge and form an informed opinion. Which is the role the Founding Father had in mind for us when they drafted and adopted our Constitution. With the elections about 3 months hence, it is time to start tuning in and question the positions and veracity of those that are presented as candidates for public trust. Let’s not be take in any more by elaborate promises that can’t be fulfilled, and those making them know it.

So, enjoy the remainder of the summer, Go on vacation. Enjoy your family and friends. Read a good book. Listen to music. Smell the roses. Then, after Labor Day, let’s get to work and do OUR part in governing our amazing country.


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POST MORTEM; 07/17/2018

It is hard to describe the sinking feeling I experienced when I heard the President align himself with the Russian autocrat over America’s intelligence agencies and Congressional investigations. I was like when I am busy typing away and look up to find a blank page – how could this happen to me? All 7 United… Continue Reading

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ON THE EVE; 07/15/2018

I write on the eve of the Trump-Putin summit meeting in Helsinki, Finland. My prayer is that this meeting does not result in irreparable harm to the United States. My fear is that the President will agree to some action which he alone can take in an effort to ingratiate himself with the Russian autocrat… Continue Reading

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