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Since the Cohen guilty pleas, and the Manafort guilty verdicts, there have been some interesting developments, First, the Chief Financial Officer of the Trump organization was granted immunity and has been talking to the Mueller team. Second, the head of the parent organization of  the National Inquirer was also granted immunity and has been interviewed as well. Finally, Donald McGahn, the White House counsel, has had extensive meetings with the Special Counsel with the approval of the President.

Do we know what the conversations covered? No, but these three individuals certainly were in positions to fill in a lot of gaps as well as reveal new information and lines of inquiry. Remember, Mueller is permitted to pursue any crimes that are uncovered during his investigation into the Russian interference with the 2016 election. After all, Manafort was charged and convicted of financial crimes not related to the 2016 election.

Speculation at this time is foolish. However, given the potential revelations from these men, and others we do not know about, it seems less likely to me that there will be an end to Mueller’s investigation any time soon.


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There was a double whammy today on the legal front swirling around the President. MANAFORT: Mr. Manafort was charged with 18 criminal acts. Keep in mind that a verdict on criminal charges – either guilty or not guilty –  must be unanimous. Manafort was found guilty on 8 of the 18 charges, but the jury… Continue Reading

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THIS AND THAT; 08/19/2108

Omarosa – could it be that President Trump has met his match when it comes to media manipulation?  It appears obvious that Ms. Omarosa recognized at the beginning that she needed to tape and document the President’s unvarnished persona in order to either (a) protect herself when the inevitable firing came about, or (b) make… Continue Reading

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In these dog days of August, when there is no noteworthy news and the pundits and cable news programs are desperately rehashing old developments just to have SOMETHING to say, I choose to comment on the appallingly low level of civil discourse today. Disclaimer – I was born in 1948 and qualify as a full-fledged… Continue Reading

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