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TALKING POINTS; 07/31/2019

Congress leaves tomorrow for SIX WEEKS. They must be really tired. After all (1) they solved the humanitarian crisis on the southern border, (2) secured the border, (3) fixed our broken immigration and asylum laws, (4) set up a mechanism to fix our crumbling infrastructure, (5) passed a new health care law that includes no pre-existing condition exclusion, and (60 addressed the issue of climate change. NO, you say. They didn’t accomplish ANY of those. Not one?! Then, why are they going on vacation for 6 weeks?

Oh, Grasshopper, you are so unskilled in the says of the political class. They need six weeks away from their elected jobs to work towards their (hushed tones) Re-Election. They must raise obscene amounts of money, shake countless hands, kiss many babies, and repeatedly remind us poor folks that the Republic will undoubtedly FAIL and CRUMBLE if they are not returned to their seats in Congress.

You/we may actually have an opportunity during this sex weeks recess to encounter and possibly ask questions of our elected representatives. Given such an opportunity, here are your talking points to be used respectfully but insistently:

A.  Congress man or woman, or Senator, what are you personally doing about XXX (choose your issue);

B.   What is your solution to XXX? Have you introduced legislation to actually implement your solution?

C.  Who are you working with to effect that solution? Does your group include persons from the other party?

D.   What is the timeline for passing the legislation to solve this urgent problem?

You/we will undoubtedly be met with sincere statements as to how the member truly wants to solve the problem but the other party is intransigent/partisan/not interested/wrong/etc. Don’t be put off with the tried and true partisan dodge. The purpose is to bring the problem and the solution down to the individual member’s lap. Ergo, the question “What are YOU doing?”

They work for US. Politely, respectfully, remind them of that as you probe to see exactly what they are doing for US Good Luck.




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