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COVID 19;04/15/2020

We are now a nation deep in the throes of the pandemic. Every state has now issued some form of “shelter in place” order intended to keep people home and away from potential virus exposures. We have more confirmed cases than any other nation and the death toll continues to rise. We all would like to return to our normal routine of work, home, friends, worship, leisure, etc., but that time is not now. Nor does it seem to be soon.All we can do is follow the guidelines for safety and help where help is needed and appropriate.

Like any crisis, there are heroes and “problem children”. The list of heroes begins with the health care workers who don bulky, hot protective gear and sally forth to serve those in need of medical attention. Putting themselves in harm’s way, they are working long, brutal hours in an effort to provide relief to those suffering from the virus or other critical medical conditions. Right behind them are our neighbors, friends and relatives that are also working long hours to provide us with food, medicines and other absolute essentials. Stockers and cashiers in grocery stores, truck drivers, volunteers at food banks, Meals on Wheels volunteers, etc. – they all stand to serve us. To them be the praise and glory.

First and foremost on the list of problem children are those persons who refuse to follow the guidelines and place themselves and others in jeopardy. Since we know that the virus can be communicated through “community transmission”, one violator of the guidelines can, inadvertently, infect many others. Second are the hoarders who acquire far more of needed supplies than they need, thus depriving others of what is essential. And last, but certainly not least, are those who seek to place blame for a world-wide pandemic upon China, the World Health Organization, the other political party, the President, a governor, Congress, etc, as if placing blame would somehow absolve those finger – pointers of their personal responsibility. By putting others down they seek to elevate themselves in their own eyes. We are America – we are better that that..

Painfully, it appears we are in for a long siege before we can begin to return to “normalcy.” No one is more ready for that than I am. The restrictions have destroyed my business; I long to see and get together with my sons and their families, friends and colleagues..But I refuse to put myself and others at risk selfishly. This too shall pass; I only pray sooner rather than later.

Stay Safe, Stay Attentive, and STAY TUNED.

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