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POTPOURRI; 05/18/2020

Random thoughts while hunkering down and social distancing:

  1.  Give It A  Rest. Democratic members of the House of Representatives are petitioning the US Supreme Court to order the Trump Administration to turn over documentation so they can see if there were other “impeachment” offenses perpetrated. Isn’t one old-fashioned fanny kicking enough? Why don’t you turn your attention to addressing the monumental problems facing the United States?.
  2. Accountability.  The Founding Fathers created our constitutional system based on a three-cornered stool of checks and balances. Oversight of the Executive Branch falls principally to Congress. Today the Federal government has its fingers in virtually every aspect of our daily lives. It is an enormous behemoth with millions of employees and what seems like an unlimited budget.To aid in this essential function Congress created independent inspectors-general in the various government agencies.whose mission was to look into possible illegal activities within that agency. Similarly, laws protecting and encouraging whistle blowers were enacted to encourage persons with knowledge of wrongdoing to come forward under protection of law with facts about such illegal activity..The inspectors general and whistle blowers system is under attack simply because they are doing their sworn and legal duty; Their loyalty thankfully lies with the Constitution and the people rather than persons with high political office. They must be applauded rather than attacked.
  3. Tribalism.   In our history, the American people have banded together to face existential threats to our nation and way of life. From Valley Forge to Gettysburg to the Great Depression to 9-11 and so on, we faced adversity together. Sure, there were dissenters – that’s only human nature – but they were largely ignorable. Why, then, has this pandemic served to exacerbate and bring to the fore the tribal political divisions in our society? I am so glad to no longer be a county judge here in Texas. I would hate to be pilloried as a power-hungry petty dictator determined to trample on the rights and liberties of the common folk instead of someone who was sleepless and sweating blood trying to keep the people I served safe. Not everything should be looked at through the prism of mindless hyper-partisanshiip.
  4. Social Distancing. I hate it. But, I think I would hate more having the virus based on what I have read about the illness…I determined to significantly reduce my law practice starting this year. Poor timing. I was counting on many activities such as choir at the church, Kiwanis, Tuesday luncheons with the men’s group, a networking group, etc., to provide the social interaction I require. Now that’s all history. Once it is safer to rejoin society, I hope and pray most, if not all, will be resurrected.


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