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Well, this has certainly not been the lazy, relaxing summer we envisioned back in January/February. Mother Nature had other plans for this summer. And, other events also interfered Let’s look at them

.1. COVID 19. The world-wide pandemic did not spare the United States. We now have the most confirmed cases and deaths of any country in the world. The steps recommended by the medical professionals to slow the spread of the virus resulted in severe economic consequences. We now have a nation deeply divided between those who hold that the measures recommended by the medical professionals brought about such draconian economic harm that the economic consequences were worse that the illness caused by the virus.and those that hold life is more precious that temporary economic distress. I believe there is a middle road. .Businesses can re-open with social distancing and required masks IF the people cooperate.It doesn’t have to be all open or all shut down.The barber shop I use is back in business; everyone has a mask on and the stations are appropriately separated and cleaned after each client. And they tell me business ifs fine. All they needed was a chance to conduct business under reasonable rules that everyone knew and respected.

2.  Black Lives Matter. That has become the umbrella name for the racial justice protests throughout the country, Spurred by the murder of George Lloyd and others, multi-racial, multi-generational protests clamor for not only policing reform but  correction of the entire racial bias that permeates our society.  Initially the protests focused on reforming police practices but soon spread to symbols of slavery such as statutes of Confederate generals or leaders, monuments to the Confederacy and public buildings named for Confederate leaders; even spread to “Gone With the Wind”. The protests are now spreading to injustice and oppression in the broader sense;.hopefully they will result in broad, meaningful dialogue about race and its place in American society OUTSIDE of the restrictive existing political parties.

3.  Presidential Election. Subject to pro-forma confirmation, the battle lines are drawn. President Donald Trump will run for re-election as a Republican and former Vice-President Joe Biden will run as a Democrat.

It has not been a good. spring and summer for the President. His approval rating has diminished; he trails Mr. Biden in national polls by a substantial margin; he trails Mr. Biden in most of the key battleground states; his recent public rally in Tulsa was a debacle. Every time the President attempts to downplay the corona virus, Mother Nature rises up in opposition. The economy, which was intended to be the linchpin of the re-election campaign, has tanked because of the impact of the virus. And John Bolton’s tell-all has been published and circulating.

Mr. Biden, as one might expect from Mr. Trump’s predicament, has had a better time. He has started making limited public, controlled appearances. The speculation over the his vice-president choice is creating media attention. His fund-raising is up. However, Mr. Biden still does not engender overwhelming enthusiasm among the electorate.

To sum up, it is June 28 and the election is in November.. What seems significant today really has no bearing on the ultimate outcome.


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