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ALL of the medical experts – the doctors, epidemiologists, pandemic specialists – agree that the most effective way to stop the spread of COVID 19 is to (1) wear a mask in public, and (2) socially distance (i.e., STAY HOME). What’s so difficult about that? You can make your own mask or buy one if you prefer. There is almost no reason to leave home; you can work from home in many instances, and they will deliver your groceries and even take-out from restaurants. If you must leave home, wear a mask when you are inside a business or in close proximity to others. Simple.

Until this weekend, President Trump has steadfastly refused to wear a mask. Didn’t need one since his heath and that of his immediate staff was constantly monitored. Plus he didn’t like the way a mask felt. And, it made him look Goofy; he remembered how MIchael Dukakis looked wearing that tanker’s helmet during the 1988 presidential campaign.. Lo and Behold, he was photographed this past week-end wearing a mask on a visit to Walter Reed Medical Center. Think maybe the discomfort and goofiness were out weighed by his plummeting approval ratings, especially as they relate to his handling of the pandemic.

Wearing a mask is not a political statement. Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Green Party followers, etc., wear .masks. Young and old wear masks. AMERICANS wear masks. They wear masks because they want our Nation to emerge from this pandemic and get back to a full life. They wear masks because they do not want to spread the disease to anyone, especially those most at risk. They wear masks because IT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO.!

Some claim that the requirement of wearing a mask in public when you cannot safely “socially distance” is a violation of constitutional rights. BALDERDASH. Yes, we have the right to petition our government for redress of grievances, to peacefully assemble, of free speech. However, none of the rights enumerated in or protected by the Constitution are absolute. Each and every one is subject to reasonable restrictions properly enacted under lawful authority. You can¬†still peacefully assemble; you can still petition the government ; you can still speak freely. You just have to wear a mask to do so in public, in a crowd, inside a business.

The numbers don’t lie. This is serious,life or death stuff. We all need to do whatever possible, easy or hard, to push through this pandemic and return to a full and prosperous life


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