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RIP, RBG; 09/27/2020

First of all, sincere thanks and admiration to departed Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. For decades, through her skill as an advocate, her teaching and mentoring, and her service on the Supreme Court, she helped to bring about change in American life. Small in stature but huge in intellect and passion, the “notorious RBG” dedicated her life to public service. Whether you agreed with her or not, she will be missed.

The presidential race remains relatively static. Poll numbers nationwide and in the battleground states are essentially where they were last week and even last month. The impact of Justice Ginsburg’s death and the rush to confirm her successor has not been tested by the pollsters. If anything, it appears to merely solidify the respective bases. The confirmation process per se may move the needles; will the Democrats attach the nominee per se, or just the rushed ;process. President Trump clearly has the constitutional authority to nominate a successor, and Senator McConnell has the political muscle and desire to push the nominee to confirmation expeditiously.. The outcome is pre-ordained; just how messy will the battle be?

This Tuesday marks the first presidential debate. The first of these was in 1960 between John F. Kennedy and Richard M. Nixon. Since then, these debates have become virtually a required part of the election, even being overseen by a separate commission rather than the individual campaigns. Some have been game changing; most have been somewhat entertaining but not really that significant.

It seems clear to me that, on Tuesday, President Trump will come out firing, in full attack mode. He will try to find a label to stick on Mr. Biden that appeals to his base and any undecided voters. His goal is to fluster Mr. Biden and cause him to misspeak or otherwise appear unfit to be President; I expect the President to make many unsubstantiated claims about Biden’s position and record.. Mr. Biden’s task is to basically ignore the President’s rants and attacks and attack back on the lack of  leadership by Mr.. Trump during the pandemic and his attitude and positions on race and social justice. Mr. Biden must appear up to the job of President during the debate.

From time to time in past debates, there have been some funny yet telling moments, One noteworthy one was Ronald Reagan’s repeated responses to President Carter of “There he goes again!” I truly believe that, if Mr. Biden can find a time to make light or even ridicule President Trump, it would be a telling moment in the debate.

Voting by mail, whether absentee or just generally, is already underway. Here in Texas, early voting in person is scheduled to begin October 13. For the love of democracy and our Country. PLEASE VOTE.


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