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24 DAYS AND A WAKE-UP, MAYBE; 10/09/2020

Hopefully, by midnight 24 days from now, or first thing the next morning for those who can’t stay up for the final returns, we will know who will be the next president. Certainly we will know if there has been a tsunami landslide for one of the candidates (most likely Mr. Biden). If it is uber close, we may have to wait for the mail-in ballots to be counted, which could lead to accusations of fraud by the President and resultant lawsuits. For the good of our great Nation, I pray the decision is clear-cut however it goes.

Recent developments:

  1. ¬† The First (and possibly only) Presidential Debate. President Trump was in full attack mode throughout. Mr. Biden struggled to make his points, and the moderator was simply overwhelmed by the ferocity of the President’s attacks. Final analysis; the President came over as an out of control bully. Mr. Biden survived and managed to get in some good points on the President. Verdict to Mr. Biden.
  2. Vice-Presidential Debate. YAWN. No impact on the election. More civil but still not enlightening.
  3. Future Presidential Debates. Because of the nature of the first debate, and the contracting of the corona virus by the President, the Commission on Presidential Debates decreed that the second debate would be virtual. President Trump refused to participate in a virtual debate and it was cancelled. Advantage Mr. Biden. The polls all show Mr. Biden with a strong advantage over the President. The underdog needs to reach and change the minds of as many people as possible. Forgoing an appearance before 70 Million viewers to hold a rally with several thousand instead does not provide the opportunity to change the scale. I doubt seriously there will be any other presidential debates this election.
  4. Presidential Virus. Early Friday morning after the first debate, it was announced that the President and Ms. Trump tested positive for the corona virus. Ms. Trump quarantined in the White House; the President was taken to Walter Reed Hospital where he stayed for 2 days. Upon his return from the hospital, the President told the American people not to fear or let the virus “dominate” them; he also pronounced himself “cured” by a revolutionary treatment. His comments, the fact that he had the best medical treatment in the world and still contracted the virus, and the fact that the President had a large, unmasked, un – socially distanced gathering at the White House for the announcement of the new Supreme Court nominee which resulted in some 12 new virus cases from attendees (including the President of Notre Dame University) brought home the cavalier way in which the President has approached this pandemic and the total lack of leadership on his part. The corona virus and the President’s leadership in combatting the virus is clearly the number one issue in this election. .Advantage Mr. Biden:
  5. ¬†Election Status. All of the pundits point out that Mr. Trump was also behind Ms. Clinton at the same time in 2016, and still won. Some differences to keep in mind. a) in 2016, Mr.Trump had the good fortune of running against the second-most hated and mistrusted politician in America, Hillary Clinton. (Mr. Trump was number 1); . Mr. Biden’s favorable/unfavorable ratings are better than the President’s; b) Ms. Clinton ran a horrible campaign, based apparently on the premise that she couldn’t lose. Mr. Trump ran hard and brought about the upset. Mr. Biden is not repeating Ms. Clinton’s mistake; and c) In 2016 there were two viable third party campaigns-. the Green Party and the Libertarians In the surprise Trump states of Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, enough votes were cast for the Green Party, presumably instead of Ms. Clinton, to take the victory away from Ms. Clinton and give it to Mr. Trump. Those parties do not have strong candidates this year
  6. Does all this mean Mr. Biden will win? NOT AT ALL After all, any prediction or poll is just a snap-shot of that day in time. It is still possible for this election to flip on a dime and put the President back in office.. The Fat Lady won’t sing until all the votes are counted.
  7. So, what should we do now. Easy- VOTE. Get your family, your friends , your co-workers to VOTE.


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