Fred Henneke, Attorney & Counselor-At-Law

My name is Fred Henneke.

I am an Attorney and Counselor at Law, and I am especially proud of the “Counselor” part of that title.

I am experienced. I have practiced law for 39 years, 26 of them in the Texas Hill Country. For four of those 26 years, I was privileged to preside over the Kerr County Court, including the Probate Court. Probate, including Wills, is an area of law that we will all deal with at some point in our lives, whether handling the issue for aging parents, or putting our own affairs in order to ease the minds of our families. My goal is to “de-mystify” the probate process for my clients. I will guide you gently through the complexities of probate law.

I am a listener. The first step in any legal proceeding is to understand the needs and desires of the client. I know that law does not only deal with the “logical.” Any legal process also holds emotional elements. With my extensive experience in not only the legal field, but also in legislative & public service, education, and community service, I can be a positive force on your side.

I am a teacher. I have taught community education courses for many years, and served as adjunct professor at two colleges. I have led countless students of all ages through the process of learning aspects of the law. The more I can help educate my clients about the process and their alternatives, the more my clients can help me help them. Please contact me and let me help you.