Fred Henneke, Attorney & Counselor-At-Law


Traditionally, Labor Day has been the start of the presidential election contest. Oh, for those days of 2 month campaigns! Today Labor Day is just another day on the hustings.

Random thoughts 55 days from the real election.

1. RIP NOMINATING CONVENTIONS. Both parties tried their darndest to resurrect tho excitement of big, mass political conventions and failed miserably.  Historically, in days or yore, the conventions actually chose the president and vice-president candidates. More recently, they served to fire up the faithful -aka, the base – and kick-off the campaign. Neither convention accomplished either purpose. The nominees were already known and the bases on fire. The highlight, if there was one, was the ZOOM nominating  tour de force of the Democrats featuring each individual state.

2.  POSITIONS.  What are those? The Democrats mantra is “Joe Biden is a nice, decent human being who is NOT Donald Trump” .For the Republicans – “if BIden is elected, the rapacious, lawless hordes of antifas, Black Lives Matter rioters, and socialists will occupy your basement or spare room, loot your stores, burn the town, and destroy your nice, safe suburban life; under Biden, it will get worse than it is under me.”. No substantive discussion about foreign policy, the economy post-OVID -19, the permanent loss of thousands of small businesses, racial and social justice, criminal justice reform, preservation of Social Security or Medicare/Medicaid, etc. Just a couple of 8 year olds communicating over whose turn it was on the slide.

3.  STATUS. The polls, such as they have significance. are basically the same as they were a month ago. Biden retains a lead slightly larger than the margin of error in the national polls, and still leads in most of the battleground states. (Remember 2016 and substitute Clinton for Biden). Perhaps more important, Biden is out fund-raising Trump by a large margin. That could prove interesting as people start voting in person in just over a month, depending on your state. Absentee or mail-in votes are already being marked and mailed but will not be counted until Election Day.

4.  DECIDING FACTOR. Turn-out, as always. Which side gets its votes our in greater numbers, especially in states that will decide the electoral college winner.

SO, what do we do. We VOTE and encourage our friends, neighbors and relatives to vote. This is our turn at bat. WE cannot waste this opportunity to decide the future leaders of our great nation.




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