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During Watergate it was L. Patrick Gray that was left “twisting slowly, slowly in the wind.” Now it is Attorney General Jeff Sessions’  turn to”‘suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” hurled and directed at him by his boss, President Trump. The President is obviously very miffed at the Attorney General for doing the right and honorable thing by recusing himself from the Russian investigations, thereby removing himself from a position of protecting the President and his family from unwanted scrutiny.

Can the President fire the Attorney General?. Absolutely! There is no statutory or Constitutional bar from him doing so. Would it be a smart political move on the President’s part? NO, but that didn’t stop him from firing FBI Director Comey. Politics doesn’t seem to enter into too many of the President’s decisions, actions or tweets. What are the odds of the Presidents firing Mr. Sessions? I would say better than 50 – 50.

Here is a scenario for such a firing:

  1.  Mr. Mueller starts digging in earnest into the Trump family finances and transactions, past and current, in order to find if there is any grounds for collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians.
  2.  Trump orders Sessions to rescind his recusal and fire Mueller. Sessions refuses and is fired. Trump makes the same demand on Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein, who also refuses and is fired.
  3. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie resigns as governor. During the congressional August recess, the President exercises his constitutional power and makes a recess appointment of Christie as Attorney General. Christie promptly fires Mueller; Christie serves until the conclusion of the next Senate session.
  4. All this happens in one day.
  5. Christie refuses to name a replacement for Mueller. Congress is outraged, infuriated, and impotent. Ultimately, no new Special Counsel is named and Congress decides to rely instead on the ongoing FBI and Congressional investigations.
  6. Without a special counsel and with a lapdog Department of Justice, the serious concerns over collusion and/or obstruction of justice fade away to become fodder for future PhD theses.

Likely? Perhaps. Far fetched? No. Would such a series of actions be grounds for impeachment? Yes, but would there be the political and moral will for Congress to rise up and defend our Constitutional way of life?

Only if we lead the way.


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For seven years, ever since Obamacare became the law of the land, every Republican candidate for national office, and many for state or local offices, promised religiously to “Repeal and Replace Obamacare”. The mantra only gained strength when President Trump was elected in November; controlling the House, Senate and the White House would surely result… Continue Reading

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DONALD, JR.; 07/17/2017

In the Junior Foreign Service Officer basic course, we were warned repeatedly that foreign governments – mainly, the Soviets – would try very hard to place a young, inexperienced officer in a compromising position that could later be used to our enemy’s advantage. What was referred to as “fraternizing” was a serious offense that could,… Continue Reading

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I could not believe my ears when I heard, on a talk show today, that “the base would not let the [insert either Democrats or Republicans] talk to [insert the opposite of the above] about the pending American Health Care Act. REALLY?!! Let’s do a little reviewing. The United States of America is a republic… Continue Reading

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  1. Such a complicated issue – with NO leadership or statesmanship on the part of the party now in control of Congress.

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Running down the list of current interests: Emolluments – no, it is not an ointment you put on a rash. The receipt of same was prohibited by the Constitution. At that time, the authors were concerned about foreign governments, especially the British and French, showering, gifts, money and/or titles on our elected or appointed officials… Continue Reading

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“All politics is local” – Thomas P. “Tip” O’Neal. The Republicans have now won all four of the special elections held to replace members of the House of Representatives appointed by President Trump to Cabinet or high Administration positions. The last of the four, in Atlanta, Georgia, was the most expensive House race in history.… Continue Reading

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ANTI-HYSTERIA: 06/18/2017

Let’s step back and review what we know, and not what we speculate.  Russia interfered in our 2016 election. The Russian interference was designed to harm Hillary’s campaign efforts. There is no evidence that the Russian interference had any impact upon the results of the election. Members of the Trump campaign team had contact with… Continue Reading

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BACK ON THE JOB; 06/12107

Having just returned from a 17 day tour of most of Great Britain (England, Wales and Scotland but not Northern Ireland), I see that not  much has changed in the interim. President Trump remains under fire for his conduct as a CEO of a hotel/casino building company masquerading as the president; Congress, on the other… Continue Reading

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There is a lot of grossly premature chatter about “impeachment” these days. So, let’ s take a step back from the insanity and learn a little about what impeachment really is. There was a lot of debate at the Constitutional Convention in 1787 over the powers of the Chief Executive of the new republic. The… Continue Reading

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Let’s try and sort out the swirling innuendo’s and gross suppositions surrounding President Trump and Russia. First of all, there has been discovered, or made public, no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. By collusion is meant direct coordination of events or messages or advance notification of events such as the Wikileaks… Continue Reading

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