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For the second week in a row, Resident Trump pulled the rug out from under (a) the Republican Party, (b) the altright, (c) a large portion of his base, and (d) the rabid Trump-hating Democrats.  His new best buddies, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, announced a deal had been struck with the President to legislatively normalize the situation of the 800,000+ “Dreamers” in return for funding for comprehensive border security. Who needs Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell; after all, isn’t the President the ultimate deal maker?

Just this month President Trump has managed to de-fang the looming debt ceiling issue, avoid a government shutdown, provide initial funding for the victims of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, and, now, solve the question of what to do about the Dreamers while funding border security. All without Republican assistance or even knowledge. If anyone out there  was clinging to the illusion that Mr, Trump was a friend of the altright, or a committed movement conservative, or even a real Republican, they have surely been cleansed of that notion by now .Mr.Trump is his own man, free from the restraints of ideology or party.

But why turn to the Democrats? Easy – they were available and ready to deal. Not being in the majority, the Democrats didn’t have to worry about committee meetings or mark ups or arcane rules. Nor are they completely knotted up by the competing factions within their party. Mr. President, on these issues where we can find common ground, let’s sit down and talk. We’ll provide votes while you turn the screws on your ostensible side of the aisle.

I believe all the chatter about how President Trump was unable to legislatively accomplish any of his agenda or campaign promises was getting to him. At some time the Big Dog turns and makes a stand; Pelosi/Schumer went to Mr. Trump with workable, quick legislative solutions to prominent issues which he seized upon as a way to re-establish his alpha position in Washington politics. Also, each of the two quick-strike fixes revolved around MONEY; if there is one thing President Trump knows forwards and backwards, it is money and the use of it.

Right now the Democrats are chortling in their beer and dreaming about 2018. The Republicans are shell-shocked, hiding in their foxholes and wondering where the enemy went, also dreaming about 2018. Except their dreams are nightmares.Having sold their birthright for a Republican president who has effectively repudiated them, where do they turn. “Repeal and Replace” – not going to happen. Debt ceiling – finessed short-term along with funding the government. Hard-line immigration  – not for Dreamers.  What’s left – naming post offices? Unable to deliver for the :President, the Republicans have been left standing forlornly by the road, trying to catch a ride to the action.

This too shall pass and the pendulum will swing back toward the Republicans, but never as far as it was this year. Could that be good for (dare we say it) the Country? Can we even dare dream about solutions over partisanship?


With thanks to the Everly Brothers.

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2 Responses to THIS IS THE WEEK THAT WAS; 07/30/2017

  1. Fred,
    Thanks for your thoughtful comments on ACA. As you know I believe that Americans don’t adequately reflect on our national history; nor are we, as individuals, introspective enough to have a clear understanding of how we fit in.
    Be that as it may,we’ve been involved in the health care since Teddy Roosevelt was president. And remember that the ACA used Gov. Romney’s Mass. legislation as a paradigm for the ACA.
    Obama thoughts re: the ACA were that there is remains alot of work to be done. So is ACA a beginning to be used as a platform to build upon?

    What I don’t really get is why did Senate and House leadership waste so much time and money trying to discredit Obama and Mrs. Clinton (like 32 Benghazi Hearings and something like $7 Million) while they could have pulled up their panties and developed a viable plan for health insurance among other issues. Talk to you later! I’m going to lite my pipe and pour a glass of wine.

  2. Harry – thanks for your thoughts. Re ACA, it remains the law of the land, and there is no majority for repeal without a replacement plan in mind. The Administration continues to place roadblocks in the way of ACA in the hopes it will totally collapse and then, what? I truly believe that the President, as someone who has never had to concern himself with insurance or health care, truly thinks it is a bad idea, especially since it is “Obamacare”. The Republicans used it as a political cudgel, as they did Benghazi, to discredit the Obama administration and Ms. Clinton. Gutter politics rules the roost while the American people cry out for real solutions, not just slogans. Let’s get together and share that glass of wine.

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