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MOORE REDUX; 11/13/2017

Lest I be accused of piling on or jumping on the bandwagon at the last minute, I was vehemently opposed to Roy Moore’s candidacy for the United States Senate from Alabama from the git go, or earlier. Mr Moore’s positions on homosexuality, the Islamic religion, and the separation of church and state are totally antithetical to the Constitution that frames our nation and the principles that formed and underlie that document. He was TWICE removed from his elected position as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court for defying United States’ Supreme Court decisions aimed directly at him personally. His personal philosophy and attitude towards African-Americans, non-Christian religions, homosexuals and women would take us back to the 50’s – the 1850’s. Elevating this neanderthal to the United Stats Senate would make a mockery out of everything this Nation represents. (With apologies to the neanderthal community).

So, do I believe the women who have courageously come forward to tell their stories of sexual inappropriateness and even abuse at the hands of Moore? Absolutely. And not just because I abhor everything Moore represents in today’s politics. As many of you know, I am an attorney. As a general rule, the more detail an accuser can relate, the likelier that they are telling the truth. All of the women that have come forward, but especially the woman who was molested when she was 14, have provided details that can be and have been corroborated independently.  The Moore apologists have not managed to challenge any of the details provided by the accusers. All they have done is cast aspersions on the character and motive of these brave women.

Moore and I are about the same age; he is a little older. And I remember all too well how a man with a little authority could, and often did, take advantage of his position for many purposes, including monetary gain and sexual gratification. They bullied and dominated mainly because they could and get away with it. And, in the deep South in those days, few local positions were as powerful as that of the local prosecutor, the district attorney.

Moore should step aside, but I sincerely doubt that he will. Failing that honorable solution, the Alabama Republican Party should mount a serious write-in campaign behind a decent human being. Should Moore be elected, the United States Senate, led by its Republican members, should refuse to seat him and expel him as soon as humanly possible.

If Roy Moore is seated in the United States Senate, that act will leave a black smear upon the reputation of the Senate that will not be easily erased. And it will be another coffin nail in the declining Republican Party as a responsible, constitutional national political force, more evidence that electoral numbers are superior to right and wrong and the national interest of America.


See “A Political Party No “Moore”; 10/05/2017″

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