Fred Henneke, Attorney & Counselor-At-Law

CHECKING IN; 07/14/2109

There really is nothing that deserves comment right now. The same people are making the same political pronouncements instead of actually doing something. The Republicans are content to let the Democrats make all the headlines; the Democrats are desperately trying to elevate the old news Mueller Report into something that they can use against the President while engaging in an internal civil war; .and the Administration stumbles on leaderless. in many key¬†agencies and departments. For the most part, the Nation’s response to the Democrats debates and daily “who’s in/who’s out” is a large Yawn. Trying to find any significance in the cattle call of Democrat presidential contenders in July of 2019 when the election is in November of 2020 is like predicting the final score of a T-Ball game between 6 year-olds after the first inning. Even the Iranians seem to have gone on vacation.

And Congress will be on vacation – excuse me, district work time – for the entire month of August!

As for this political junkie, I have suspended my wonkyness for the time being in favor of sitting in my den and watching the hummingbirds dive and swoop between the feeders on the deck and the flowers. Much more entertaining. I recommend it.

The fun starts later.


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