Fred Henneke, Attorney & Counselor-At-Law


Ruminations on current rumblings in the news, real or fake:

  1. MUELLER REPORT:¬† True to form, the warring factions – let’s call them the Hatfields and the McCoys – are each touting those portions of the Mueller Report that best support their particular mountain hollow and ignoring the rest. Is there any fire under the smoke obscuring the landscape? Not that I can determine. Most of the feuding is not over the actual report but what isn’t in it. I applaud Mr. Mueller for his service to the Nation in competing what appears to be a comprehensive fulfillment of his assigned tasks in less than two years, in direct contract to the Starr, et al, investigation into the Clintons that went on forever.
  2. IMPEACHMENT. I refer you to a previous post – IMPEACHMENT – A PRIMER – from May 22, 2017. In reviewing the two successful impeachments (Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton) and the one near, almost guaranteed one (Nixon), one common factor stands out. Each impeachment (I include Nixon) did not catch fire until the President committed a triggering offense WHILE IN OFFICE. Johnson tried to fire Secretary of War Stanton in defiance of a law passed by the radical Republicans controlling Congress that prohibited a president from firing a Cabinet official put into place by his predecessor. Nixon¬† tried to use the CIA to cover up the Watergate break-in and other crimes. Clinton lied to a grand jury. Each happened while the offender was in office. Is there a comparable “smoking gun” for Trump?
  3. IMMIGRATION. In a stunning development, the Ninth Court of Appeals (generally considered liberal in outlook) upheld an Executive Order removing asylum claimants awaiting processing back to Mexico. Glad something is getting done. Congress is still more interested in schoolyard “in your face” alleged successes than actually addressing what is happening on the Southern Border. How long did the Hatfield – McCoy feud lost?
  4. TRADE. To paraphrase Lincoln “We are now engaged in a great trade war, testing whether this democracy with its 4-8 year outlook can succeed against a thousand year old culture that measures time in centuries?” When will the latest tit for tat moves start to really bite? Better go out and buy your durable goods like dishwashers and cars sooner rather than later.
  5. DEMOCRAT CANDIDATES. They can now choose up sides and have a baseball game using just the announced candidates. The Republicans in 2016 barely had enough for a basketball game. Aside from Biden and Bernie, it is impossible to tell the players apart without a scorecard. Like in sports, they should each be forced to wear jerseys with their names on the back so the pundits wouldn’t have to guess. During the debates, the broadcasting company should scroll statistics along the bottom of the screen like they do in baseball. “Up next is common garden variety privileged white male, number 18. He has 17 position papers on issues ranging from the scourge of hangnails to gophers in Illinois. He currently is in 21st place in fundraising, having crept by number 11 just this past weekend. Bats left, throws left – has been known to make three left turns to avoid going right. In his 14 years in Congress, he has accomplished nothing.”


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