Fred Henneke, Attorney & Counselor-At-Law

DECISION 2020; 11/01/1010

In just over 48 hours, we should be getting the early, east coast returns. Here is what I  am particularly paying attention to:

  1.  FLORIDA.  President Trump practically has to win Florida in order to have any chance of winning re-election. The latest polls give Mr. Biden a slight edge but within the margin of error. The early vote has been massive and is believed to favor Mr. Biden. The President is counting on the trend of Republicans preferring to vote on Election Day rather than early.  A Biden victory is “Lights Out” for Trump.
  2. PENNSYLVANIA.. Mr, Biden is counting on a win in his birth state to be the key to victory. President Trump has devoted a significant portion of his funds and his time to Pennysylvania in the hope of repeating his 2016 surprising success. Mr. Biden can win without Pennsylvania but the path to victory is much smoother with a win there. The latest polls show the race narrowing but with Mr. Biden still leading..

It might be a long night waiting for final results, or the outcome could be indicated early. Once burned, twice shy. Having been so wrong in 2016, one might think that I should from refrain any predictions. Well, in for a penny, in for a pound. I predict a significant victory for Mr. Biden with, unexpectedly, the Republicans maintaining control of the Senate 51–49.

If you have not yet exercised your franchise, PLEASE VOTE. Your nation needs your participation and wisdom.


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