Fred Henneke, Attorney & Counselor-At-Law

FOOLS RUSH IN; 08/07/2019

No theme; just random topics during a hot, Texas summer.

  1.  Democrat Casting Call. It appears to me that there are 2 dominant reasons for the series of “debates” (and I use the word loosely) among the democrat contenders. The first is to winnow the field, based largely on name ID. The second is to garner the contact information for hundreds of thousands of donors to their favorite contender for use in the general election; if you contributed to any of the 24/25/whatever candidates, be prepared to be inundated with candidate literature and pleas for money come next year.
  2. 2020 Election.  As of this date, I see the election as a murky vision. The “bases” will off-set each other so the determining factor, as it always is, will be turn-out. Which candidate will appeal to the independents, the Reagan Democrats in the Mid-West that switched from Obama to Trump, the voters that voted against Hillary by supporting Trump. Will this be the year the Hispanic vote finally materializes and lifts the Democrats to victory.? My friends, it will all hinge on one factor – the economy. If the economy is strong, or perceived to be strong, as it was two weeks ago before the China trade talks collapsed, Trump wins. If the economy falters, that opens the door to a democrat victory.
  3. China Trade Talks. One thing for sure, Xi is not going to back down from his long-term plan for China’s economic hegemony.  Under an absolute dictatorship such as Communist China, the people don’t matter that much and they have no method of expressing their desires without risking severe consequences. And, historically the Chinese do not view issues or changes in years or even decades; they have no elections that provide the urgency for results. The President may have bit off more than he can chew.
  4. North Korea. See above. Un has no need to respond to the privations of his people as long as his military power base is satisfied.  What happened to the “special relationship” between the President and the Dictator? Could Un be trying to split off the South Koreans from the United States? (Answer – Yes)
  5. Iran. Pure powder keg. If we back the Iranians into a very small corner, no telling what they will do to force international intervention. This one really concerns me. Should the Iranians, intentionally or by accident, take American lives, the President is bound to respond in kind and then how does anyone stop the resultant escalation. This time we might be going it alone.

So, just random concerns as the summer winds down. Enjoy the rest of your summer; keep cool.


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