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Reminds me of two bull mooses separated by an wall (get it) bugling and challenging each other with full knowledge that nothing was actually going to happen.

President Trump attempted to make this a humanitarian, law and order crisis by citing horrible incidents of violence by persons here illegally, as if to say that ALL illegal immigrants were violent criminals/rapists/.murders. This viewer was not impressed with his litany. I would have preferred that he use the line that “A country that does not control its borders is no country.” He did make a major concession, for him, by not referring to the Wall but, rather, calling for physical barriers. I am certain that the chant “Build the Physical Barrier” will not be heard at his rallies. I wonder how Rush and Sean will react to that sound bite.

Chuck and Nancy focused on the government shutdown aspect of the stand-off.¬† They again stated that the government should be re-opened so the 800,000 Federal workers not getting paid would return to work and then they would negotiate with the President. In other words, they want the President’s hide on the wall before they will work to resolve the stand-off. Pure Politics! Chuck even used the word ‘wall” as if he had not listened to the President’s presentation,

I sensed some desperation in the President’s address. He has backed/been backed into a corner on this one and has no where to escape. A set speech like that one is clearly not his cup of tea. To me, he was very uncomfortable reading the speech someone else wrote. He obviously was trying to come off as presidential and concerned about the nation while using the majesty and grandeur of the Oval Office .It didn’t work.

I also felt that Chuck and Nancy made a great error in using themselves as the rebuttal. They are so reviled by “the base” that their very image drowned out their message. The Democrats would have been better served to have chosen some younger, less well know members for the rebuttal.

I find it noteworthy that, at no time, was the Republican party/members of Congress mentioned. Why, you might ask, didn’t they get to play? Because, Grasshopper, they only exist in the shadow of the President.

What was accomplished? In truth, nothing.  President Trump did appear to give a millimeter, which was neither recognized nor reciprocated by the Democrats. The shutdown continues, 800,000 loyal Federal employees (including one of my sons) will not get pay checks next week, our shattered immigration system remains in total disarray, and the true humanitarian  crisis surrounding the families living in tents on the border continues.

Don’t you just LOVE unrelenting, uncaring partisan politics!


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