Fred Henneke, Attorney & Counselor-At-Law

JUNIOR HI; 01/23/2019


Nancy:  Donnie, I am going to have a party at my House. Everyone will be there. It will be the greatest ever! Will you come?

Donnie:   You mean Everyone? Even Chuckie and Steny and Elizabeth and EVERYONE? Of course, I will come to the party at your House. It will be HUUUUGE!

Nancy:   Donnie, I am SOOO sorry. Daddy says you can’t come! It mighty get too rowdy.

Donnie:   No, it is all right. My Daddy says it will be Fine so I will be there.

Nancy:   No, Donnie, you can’t come. I don’t have permission to invite you.

Donnie:   I will come to your House anyway.

Nancy:   Donald, the party has been cancelled. There will be no one at the House that night.

Donnie:   I didn’t really want to come to your old House party anyway. I will have my own party somewhere else and you will wish you had been there. It will be the biggest and grandest and funnest ever!


Really, my friends. Is this the leadership that we so desperately need? Reminds me of Nero flddling while Rome burns. We deserve better, so much better. 800,000 Federal employees not getting paid, many required to work without pay. Small businesses – cafes, dry cleaners, etc., that depend on their neighbors for their daily bread forced to close or lay off employees. The ripple effect is enormous. Yet the White House staff and most members of Congress continue to draw their salaries.

Howard Stern in the movie Network cried out “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!”

Are you?


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