Fred Henneke, Attorney & Counselor-At-Law


It now appears that Dr. Ford has withdrawn her previous agreement to testify publicly and under oath on Monday. From the news reports, Dr. Ford is now insisting on an FBI investigation before she will testify. I sincerely regret her change of heart

Backgound: Dr. Ford apparently sent an anonymous letter in June to her congresswoman, who forwarded it to Senator Feinstein.. She wished to remain anonymous so the letter was not made public until last Friday when the Senator sent it to Senator Grassley, chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, still anonymously.The media discovered her identity so Dr. Ford came forward. Committee vote postponed, testimony of both scheduled for Monday. Outcry for FBI investigation; White House refuses to authorize investigation. Republicans determined to push forward.

As I put in my previous post, I believed that Dr. Ford’s story had a legitimate chance to derail Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination, especially if she was treated shabbily by the Republican senators a la Anita Hill..Senators Collins and Murkowski were key to his confirmation, and they appeared to have doubts. And they were not alone.

No longer.

Dr. Ford’s desire for anonymity was, and is, perfectly understandable. Who in their right mind would want to willingly throw herself into the lion’s den of a Supreme Court justice confirmation! Her last minute courageous decision to reveal her identity and testify won for her a lot of sympathy, support and credibility. Practically, that is all gone. The eleventh-hour demand for the FBI investigation and reversal of her decision to testify creates the impression, justified or not, that her letter and claim are part and parcel of the attempt by the Democrats to slow down the confirmation process. And I sincerely regret that. I believe that Dr. Ford acted sincerely as a concerned citizen but one who wanted to remain anonymous. I also regret that she did not come forward when Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination was first announced so there was time for a legitimate investigation. Instead, she has become another poster child for the hyper-partisanship that infects our political processes.

I predict that, if she does not testify on Monday, the Committee will vote Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination favorably to the Senate floor by Wednesday and he will be confirmed by the end of the month. And he will go on to a distinguished career as a Supreme Court Justice.



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