Fred Henneke, Attorney & Counselor-At-Law

KUDOWS; 06/29/2109

In this blog, I have consistently and rightly castigated, blamed, demeaned and pilloried our elected members of Congress, and the leadership of each chamber, for their single-minded emphasis on their own re-election and the electoral strength of their chosen party over the needs and good of the nation as a whole. And, for theĀ  most part, I am sticking to my guns on that issue.

However, much as they merit my approbation, they also deliver praise for those few and far-between episodes when they get it right. This past week has seen one of those.

Much has been written and said about the abysmal, inhumane conditions of the asylum seeking detainees along our southern border,,especially the conditions of unaccompanied children, Not only were the conditions themselves horrible, but the funding for housing those detainees was exhausted. The Senate passed a clean $4.6 billion supplemental appropriation for basic needs along the border. It was a true bi-partisan measure with members of both parties voting for and against. The House originally passed a $4.6 billion dollar supplemental appropriation which also included policy and use restrictions designed to prevent President Trump from claiming a victory along the border. This bill passed on a purely partisan fashion with only one Republican voting in favor; it had no chance of being adopted by the Senate.. Recognizing the crying need for these funds, enough members of Ms. Pelosi’s caucus, led by the members of the Problem Solver’s Caucus*, stood up in favor of the clean Senate bill that she was forced to “reconsider” and allow a vote on the Senate bill, which then passed by a substantial margin. Help is on its way.

Was it really that hard to put the national interests ahead of your personal power needs? Now that you have done it once. the next time should be easier. Right?




  • I support the Problem Solvers Caucus’ efforts to find bi-partisan solution for our nation’s problems.
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