Fred Henneke, Attorney & Counselor-At-Law

MUELLER; 12/10/2018

After a pause for the mid-term elections, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has lit the afterburners. In the past two weeks, we have seen additional charges brought against Michael Cohen along with a harsh sentencing memo, a lenient sentencing memo for Michael Flynn, and a filing against Paul Manafort to rescind their agreement regarding the charges against Manafort because Manafort has allegedly continued to lie to the Special Counsel. Furthermore, the Cohen sentencing memo hinted at additional charges against unnamed persons, possibly members of the Trump family as well as campaign personnel, and additional areas of investigation. Cohen, in his plea bargain, placed “Unidentified Person No. 1″, clearly President Trump, at the center of the hush money pay-offs to Stormy Daniels and Karen MacDougal.

WHEW. A lot to absorb in a short time. But, what does it really mean? Are there the ‘high crimes and other misdemeanors” listed in the Constitution as grounds for impeachment? Has the President violated the emolument clause of the Constitution?  Will Lassie rescue Timmy from the well? Stay tuned for next week’s episode.

I do not intend to make light of Mueller’s investigation. The number of indictments and guilty pleas or verdicts he has. obtained is very impressive. His work has brought to light the extent of the Russian interference in the 2016 election that continues until now. However, all good things must come to an end. I pray he does not intend to do a Ken Starr and keep finding new things to investigate, thus perpetuating his investigation.

The country grows weary of continued revelations that are spun by the media, desperate for something to report on 24/7, A typical media report goes something like this; “Mr. X was seen entering the courthouse. His shoes needed polishing, which must mean that he is preoccupied with his possible sentence, which HAS to mean that he is going to “tell all” in an effort to get a lighter sentence, which can only mean that the REPUBLIC IS GOING TO FALL IN THE NEXT 24 HOURS”.

Next May will mark the second anniversary of his appointment and investigation.. By then (sigh) we will be deep into the run up to the 2020 presidential campaign. The Nation needs an end to his good work. I sincerely hope that this latest flurry of action means that he is tying up the last loose ends with the goal of delivering his report to whomever at the Justice Department in the near future. Turn over your findings to whoever and let them take it from there. And fade away with the thanks of a grateful nation.


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