Fred Henneke, Attorney & Counselor-At-Law

MUELLER REPORT, ETC.; 04/22/2019

My Muse has not been with me for some time. I believe she (or he) is so tired of the same old story lines re-packaged and re-hashed that a sabbatical was required.  However, some note of the end of the nearly two year Mueller investigation and subsequent report  is worthwhile.

Have I read the entire Mueller Report? N0. I may be a politics/news junkie but I do have a life. Thus, these comments are based on the excerpts I have read and some commentary by various and sundry self-proclaimed experts.

  1. Was it worth the $25 Million? Yes. After all, the Special Counsel indicted more than 30 Russian operatives, military officers, and entities for blatant interference in the 2016 Presidential election. Mr. Mueller, through his investigation and indictments, brought home the extent of the Russian interference more than any other person or organization.  And he also uncovered and prosecuted the crimes by Manafort, Cohen, et al.
  2. Does it lay to rest the allegations that the Trump campaign cozied up to, colluded with, conspired with, dated, the Russians to gain and advantage during the election? Legally, I think so. Politically, of course not. The Democrats, in their ceaseless search for electoral advantage, will re-investigate and spin every action, phone call, email, glance, thought, etc., discussed or hinted at in the Report. The Republicans, in turn, will thunder, point fingers, obstruct, spin back and do all to delay any investigation. End Result: NOTHING WILL GET DONE FOR US!!!
  3. Are there any land mines in the Report? Not directly, but Yes. From the Report, there are 12 sealed indictments for criminal conduct that have not been revealed. Those potential bombshell could  bring into the limelight and justice mis-deeds by other individuals or organizations. And we have no idea who or what. The two that we know about (not included in the 12 sealed indictments) are for Roger Stone and Daniel Craig, former White Counsel counsel. Be on the look-out for news on the Dirty Dozen.
  4. Does the Report make a case for Impeachment? No. Mr. Mueller did not make a judgment on whether or not the President committed acts that constitute obstruction of justice. He lists ten acts that could be obstruction of justice, such as firing Comey, but  makes no determination one way or another. Obstruction of justice certainly is a “high crime” in the legal sense. But, impeachment is fundamentally a political process. While the Democrats could vote articles of impeachment out of the House on a pure party vote, the Senate would never convict President Trump without unimaginable Republican defections.
  5. So, what is this amateur pundit’s conclusion from what he has gleaned from the Report? Simply, the Report reinforces the image of President Trump as a vulgar, crude, insecure, congenital liar bully who has no interest in governing beyond tweeting.  He is like the dog that, after chasing hundreds of cars, finally catches one and has no idea what do do with it.


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