Fred Henneke, Attorney & Counselor-At-Law

MUELLER’S MOVES; 03/05/2018

Let’s go  back and review the Special Counsel’s recent moves. After quietly interviewing almost everyone under the sun, Mueller got indictments issued against several Russian corporations and individuals for interfering with the 2016 presidential election. The very detailed indictment clearly proved how Russia, as a state, deliberately attempted to influence the outcome of the election and sow dissent among the electorate. Previously ALL of our intelligence agencies had concurred in the conclusion that the Russian interfered in our electoral process. Now Mr. Mueller has gone one step further and brought charges against some of those responsible based on now public acts, which have largely been  corroborated by social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

Mr. Mueller then brought additional charges of money-laundering, income tax evasion, etc., against Paul Manafort and Rick Gates.  Gates cries “Uncle” and flips, pleading guilty and agreeing to testify against Manafort. Gates clearly is trying to, or has, cut a deal with Mueller for a more lenient sentence in return for testifying. However, Manafort is a dead man walking. In my humble opinion, the charges against him are so documented that a conviction is a foregone conclusion. Manafort’s only hope is to find a court that will rule that Mueller has exceeded his authority by bringing charges outside of the Russian world; that is the ultimate “Hail Mary”. So, why cut a deal with Gates? Granted, any prosecutor wants to have every little scrap of evidence to support their case. Remember, my friends, that Gates was with Candidate Trump to the very end; I have heard, without any verification, that Gates, as the deputy campaign manager, was even on Trump’s plane for the last trip before the Election. Could it be that the deal for Gates does not point to Manafort but higher?

Finally, the Special Counsel has subpoenaed Sam Nunberg, who was a very minor cog in the early election efforts, actually having been fired in 2015. Nunberg has absolutely refused to cooperate or turn over any emails between himself and other pre-campaign figures like Stone or Ailes. Nunberg is an attorney. Supposedly he knows the consequences of refusing to honor a federal grand jury subpoena or appear before the grand jury, which include imprisonment. What does Mueller know, or suspect, that he needs Nunberg to plainly state? What is Nunberg hiding, perhaps to cut his own sweetheart deal?

Like the experienced prosecutor that he is, Mueller is methodically and painstakingly gathering every scrap of evidence available and following any rabbit trail to its den. All that will be “saucered and blowed” until the logical conclusion based solely on that evidence is airtight and drawn. Then, let the chips fall where they may.

Having said all this, let us remember that there has been NO evidence revealed that in any way ties the President to any “collusion” or cooperation or coordination with the Russians. Innocent until proven guilty applies to the downtrodden and the Big Dog.


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