Fred Henneke, Attorney & Counselor-At-Law


As we await the election results, here are some pertinent thoughts:

  1.  Everyone, including the President, appears to agree that the election tomorrow is nothing less than a referendum on President Trump at the mid-point of his Administration. Indeed, the President is actively encouraging people to see the election as a referendum on his performance. After all, everything in the President’s world is all about him. Why would a mid-term election when he is not on the ballot be any different. I am not certain that is necessarily true. The many governors’ races revolve largely around state-specific issues, not necessarily national ones. Likewise the 435 House of Representative races all have some local component. Only in the Senate contests does the referendum concept become more apparent.
  2. I suggest it is also a referendum on our elected Congressional representatives. Congress’ record for the last 2 years is one of high expectations and minimal results. After all, the Republicans controlled Congress and the White House so they should have been able to move the mountains they promised. With the exception of the tax bill, which is in and of itself controversial, and confirmation of the two Supreme Court justices (which is clearly monumentally significant but not exactly legislative), what has Congress done? Our immigration system is still absolutely broken (as it has been since at least 1975), our nation’s infrastructure continues to crumble, there has been no “Repeal and Replace” of Obamacare, etc. If we return to Congress the same persons who are responsible for this dismal record, can we truly expect anything different? When will we, the voters, hold those who we elect to serve US accountable for abject failure?
  3. I believe it is also a referendum on US. In pursuing my political junkieness, I am struck by the number of ordinary, concerned citizens,like you and me, who declare that what they want from our elected leaders is to Work Together, Get Something Done, Cooperate to Fix the Broken Immigration System and Provide Meaningful Health Care for One and All. This election can be the start of a revolution that returns our political system to its intended purpose and operation.  A movement that demands that Congress focus on the problems facing American, not partisan, in-your-face strutting; that requires a dedication to improving the opportunities for all Americans,not re-election; an electorate that does not accept the tribal excuses for failure to act on behalf of US, that rejects the extremes of both parties and applauds those that work for solutions regardless of party affiliation.
  4. We can do this; we must do this. Whomever is the elected representative from your area, be they Representative or Senator, Democrat or Republican, don’t accept excuses for no action. The dog ate my homework never works. Neither should the wicked [insert a political party] refused to do it my way so I took my marbles and came home. Demand (politely) answers, not platitudes; require success, not excuses. They work for US; let’s  make them earn their position and our respect.


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