Fred Henneke, Attorney & Counselor-At-Law

The CHOSEN One;08/27/2019

I alone can fix it.

I’m going to make our country rich again.

I’m going to turn our bad trade agreements into great trade agreements.

I’m going to bring our jobs back.

I will make individual trade agreements with individual counties.”

I heard each and every one of these statements, along with many others, at the GOP National Convention in Cleveland in July 2016, when Mr. Trump was nominated by the Republican Party as its candidate for President of the United States. Then, last week, after re-tweeting an article that referred to him as the “new King of the Jews”, the President declared himself, yes. THE CHOSEN ONE..

Being the Chosen One works when you are building a hotel or casino. The union leaders, contractors and sub-contractors will bow and scrape before The Chosen One because, after all, he has all the $$$$$. No amount or degree of insults or degrading comments will stop the lesser beings from their kowtowing because, again the Chosen One has all the $$$$$$$$.

Doesn’t work in politics or international relations. Without an overriding common cause or purpose, politicians from the loyal opposition and foreign leaders tend to act in their OWN perceived best interest, not that of the Chosen One. President Xi of China is not going to risk his position of supreme authority or his plan for re-making China’s economy to accommodate The Chosen One. Kim Jung Un just smiles and sends flattering letters while doing exactly as he pleases. The president of Denmark¬†pooh-poohs the idea of selling Greenland. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are not going to rubber stamp the proposed replacement for NAFTA until their political interests are addressed.

The rub for me is that I agree with many of the President’s basic policy positions on immigration reform, reduction of strangling regulations, criminal justice reform, etc. When he took office, the Republicans controlled the House of Representatives, the Senate and, quickly thereafter, the Supreme Court. ALL of the legislative power was in the hands of the Republican party. But nothing of consequence save the tax reform was legislatively accomplished. Rather, President Trump fell into the pattern of previous presidents of using executive power to temporarily and partially further his goals. He displayed no understanding or appreciation of the Constitutional scheme of our government, and no interest in learning. Ergo, without presidential leadership, continued gridlock by a “do-nothing Congress”.¬† I hate squandered opportunities.

So, what does thus mean for us, the People. Just keep on trucking, asking politely the hard questions, not taking political pablum for answers, studying the issues and candidates and, most importantly, VOTING. We can turn this ship around.


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