Fred Henneke, Attorney & Counselor-At-Law

“WHAT DO WE DO NOW”*; 10’12’2018

Deep breath. Deep breath.

After being glued to our seats for the Kavanaugh hearings (political theater at its worst), we .now turn our undivided attention to the mid-term election ending on November 6. In some states they are already voting; here in Texas, early voting begins Monday, October 22nd. What’s at stake – just control of Congress, most state legislatures and many governorships. Which incumbent has most successfully hidden his or her record of non-achievement; which challenger is making the most promises he or she knows they cannot accomplish? Does anyone REALLY care about the people (as opposed to voters for him or her) he or she wants to/does represent?

What is the key to the mid-term elections? Easy – based on my personal experience (my record is 1-2), as well as my observations over the years, as always it is TURN-OUT. Ask Hillary – a candidate can be ahead in all the polls and anointed by all the national pundits and lose if their voters stay home.

Does either party have an advantage, you ask. A Gallup poll in September broke the electorate down this way – Republicans 26%, Democrats 27%, INDEPENDENTS (including no stated affiliation) 44%. So, will pandering to your perceived base according to polls and focus groups carry you across the finish line as the Winner? Not necessarily. If enough of those pesky Independents flow the other way, you could be in hot water.

Did the Kavanaugh confirmation process rev up the Democrats or the Republicans the most? Sigh. Has our political process fallen so low that both parties try to make hay out of the confirmation of a technically non-partisan person to the United States Supreme Court?. Could it be that theĀ cat fighting between the parties during the confirmation process was all carefully planned for political benefit?

Is there a cure to this madness? Absolutely., and it is simple. VOTE. Take your family, friends and neighbors with you. If you have no idea who to vote for, hold your nose and pick one! SHOW THAT YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR AND YOUR COUNTRY’S FUTURE! BE A TRUE CITIZEN OF THE GREATEST COUNTRY ON EARTH. Don’t leave the decision making to someone else. Get an “I VOTED” sticker and be proud of having fulfilled your basic duty as an American citizen.



*Robert Redford’s closing line in “The Candidate (1972).

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